bim conference 2017

Building on the well-attended first four conferences, in particular last year’s conference on BIM and Lean, this year’s conference will showcase successful applications of BIM by many disciplines in all the lifecycle phases. As in previous years, the speakers will speak from personal experience in applying BIM beneficially and quantify the costs and benefits of […]

BIMarabia Second issue

Introduction BIMarabia is the first E-magazine intended to spread awareness of BIM tools and workflows across Arabic region. BIMarabia is written and edited by users, targeted to be beneficial to practitioners and researchers in the field. For more information, please go to This is the second edition from BIMarabia magazine English version, the growth […]

العدد السابع عشر من بيم ارابيا

نتشرف بتقديم العدد السابع عشر من بيم ارابيا المحتويات كيف تنتقى فريق عمل ناجح  4 امثله لبرمجة الدينامو   6 تحضير قالب المشاريع (Template) الخاص بي   9 مراقبة أية تغييرات تطرأ على الاثار باستخدام D3D POINT CLOU تقييم الاستفادة من برمجيات BIM في مجال الاستدامة  16 تطبيق عملي للبيم في مرحلة التصميم المبدئي باستخدام […]


BIM WORLD IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES is an online and on-site global symposium about the state of the implementation of BIM in various parts of the world: the Americas, Europe and Asia. 10,000+ ONLINE ATTENDEES 120+ ON-SITE ATTENDEES ATTENDEES FROM 30+ COUNTRIES SPEAKERS FROM 9 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES 150,000+ DISPLAYS The exclusive online event is organized by Zigurat […]

Interview with Dr. Bilal Succar

Omar Selim: Could you please introduce yourself? Dr. Succar: My name is Billal Succar,I am working on BIM performance assessment. I have studied Interior Design, after that I studied “Architecture Management”. Then i got PhD degree in BIM in the field of performance evaluation. I have started my career in the field since 2003, I […]

BIM between the acceptance & rejection

Kamal Shawqi Before discussing details about this technology, let’s recap what are the basic steps in a project. The basic steps are idea, design, drawings estimation, defined the action plan, and then implementation process, all the way to the operation and maintenance. These are the basic steps of any engineering project, whether it is electrical, […]


I am honored to have my first interview for first issue of BIM Arabia magazine with Mr.BIM: Omar Selim: Would you introduce yourself, please? BIM: My name is BIM, which BIM that stands for Building Information Modeling. Building is for buildings such as schools, factories, homes, towers, streets and cities. Information is for the availability […]