9th issue of BIMarabia

We are pleased to release the 9th issue of BIMarabia – English Edition –


  • Introduction
    BIM Thinkspace
    Participate in BIM
    BIM and Project Phasing
    Mathematical Relationships in Dynamo
    Quality of Design or Quality of Data ?
    BIM Statistics Research in Jordan 2016
    Whole Lifecycle Information Flow Underpinned by BIM in Qatari Construction Industry: The ‘Project DNA’ Concept



BIMarabia is the first E-magazine intended to spread awareness of BIM tools and workflows across Arabic region. BIMarabia is written and edited by users, targeted to be beneficial to practitioners and researchers in the field. For more information, please go to

This is an English version of BIMarabia magazine, which is specialized in Building Information Modeling (BIM). We found that the construction industry need it. When we published the Arabic version, many readers ask us to translate it to English. Or any other language, Thus, we decided to translate it to English language.
If anyone wants to translate it to any other language or to join our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us :


Finally, i apologize for any mistakes, and thanks for Wonderful BIMarabia team, I’m honor to be one of them.

Omar Selim



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